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The app provides a comprehensive data base of free tourist spots and events using user-generated data and a reliable review system.


service safari
experience mapping
user testing


As a group we first start off with trying to improve the experience of using public transport in a new city. As taking bus in a foreign city can be quite intimidating, the fear of getting lost can take the fun out of travelling.

We then went on a service safari to Nottingham wanting to experience the transport service and find the pain points of navigating in the city.

We then realised Google map did a pretty good job in suggesting routes to a destination. Instead, some other problems were not knowing what to do there, spending more money than expected and phone battery running low etc.

experience mapping

After using experience map to map out our journey from preparing to upacking, the most interesting issue that we want to tackle is gathering information of free or affordable experiences and services


Travellers on budget wants to make the most out of new cities
Because they want to have the best experience
But they do not know where to find the information & have a limited budget.


Meet Jess.

A 20-year-old fashion design student studying abroad in London.She wants to make the most out of her time studying abroad and experience everything possible. She likes taking pictures and share them on social media.
“I love to travel whenever I have a break from uni but I have a limited budget.“ Apps and social media:

Task Goals:
She wants to document her adventure with photo.
She wants to find the most popular or the best photo locations.
She wants to be smart about her money choices.

Experience goals:
She wants to find information about free events and places easily.
She wants her journey as seamless as possible.
She wants to know how busy the photo locations are.

Key pain points:
Missing out on great photo location.
Not having enough money to spend.
Not familiar with the city and not sure where to get help from.


How might we help the user make the best out of their journey
How might we show events and attractions that are best suited to the user’s interested?
How might we make trip planning less stressful and flexible?
How might we solve user’s problem quickly during the journey?


The user journey explored here is trip planning. Traveller can explore and save desired locations in the destination and included them in the customised trip.

user testing

User feedback

“The two feature “Tourist spot” & “Hot spot” are very similar.”
User find the information in ‘explore’ and ‘hot spots’ to be slightly overlapping.

“It’s so much effort to add thing to the trip.”
User find having to go though multiple steps to add an item to the itinerary inconvenience. The hierarchy of the app is too complex.

“I don’t know when is the next trip coming up.”
User find the trip planning process not transparent enough. They cannot see the overview of all their trips.

“How does the app know what events I am interested in?”
User wants to personalised the suggestions algorithm based on their interest.


Changes made based on user feedback:

1. Combined Explore and Hot spot:
Included the “hot spot” page in the “explore page” and allow the user to sort results by popularity or distance etc. using the filter feature

2. Simplified the process for adding an item to trip
Added an “Add to trip” shot cut on each items, allowing user to plan their trip in one click.

3. Added a calendar page to keep trips organised
The calendar allows user glance through the future trips and plan their next adventure effortlessly.

4. Let the user pick their interest at the beginning to “boost” the recommendation system
When user first set up their account, they are asked to select their interest which sets the tone for our initial recommendation algorithm. However, it will be override by user’s interaction with the app overtime.

ui design